The District Attorney’s Check Fraud Unit will attempt to contact the check writer who may wish to make restitution before the given date. If this is not accomplished, criminal charges may be filed. You must notify the Check Fraud Unit immediately if restitution is made.

The Twelfth Judicial District Offense Report is to be used for checks marked NSF, ACCOUNT CLOSED, NO ACCOUNT, SHORT OR UNABLE TO LOCATE.

Any checks marked “Signature Irregular”, “Signature Unauthorized”, Uncollected Funds” , “Refer To Maker”, that may be forgeries must be referred directly to your local law enforcement agency.

The Check Fraud Unit will not accept:

1. Checks where partial payment has been accepted.
2. Checks written for charge accounts or for payment on account.
3. Checks passed with an agreement that they will be held for a period of time.
4. Post dated Checks.
5. Two Party Checks.
7. Pre-signed checks.
8. Government checks, Contact the Secret Service at (719) 632-3325.

You will be required to furnish this office with the name of the person accepting the check. This person is a required witness, and a complaint will not be taken if you do not have this information. A $25.00 administration fee will be billed to the complaining witness if he/she accepts payment on any check(s) that have been turned over to our office for collection.

The Check Fraud Unit is a program designed to obtain restitution for you, the complainant. This is sometimes accomplished without processing the case through the criminal justice system. If a case cannot be processed through the Check Fraud Unit, it is referred for possible prosecution through standard channels.

If you have received a bad check, contact the Check Fraud Unit at the Alamosa County Office of the District Attorney.

It is necessary for businesses and individual citizens to follow specific steps in order to help effective criminal prosecution in worthless check cases.

To establish identity, you should:
Obtain the driver’s license number or state identification number, specifying the state of issuance of the person presenting the check;
When accepting a check note following information on the check:
Full Name of the Check Writer
Current Residence Address
Home Telephone Number
Business Telephone Number
Place of Employment
Date of Birth

The check writer will be assessed a $20.00 service charge in addition to the check amount for each check processed by the Check Fraud Unit.

To have a check processed by the Check Fraud Unit, click on the link below and fill out the form entirely. Submit the completed check fraud form with the check in question to the Office of the District Attorney located at 426 San Juan Avenue, Alamosa, CO 81101.